Monday, October 27, 2008

The Negotiator

Been awhile since I posted here, been spending too much time at deviantArt, so I thought I'd shared the love this time.

This one came to me in a dream. Popped into my head for an instant, then I told a friend about it, who finally clued me in to the fact that it would probably make a decent next project. Had to fudge the scale of the saber handle a bit in order to get it in the frame and still have room to show some of the blades.

As good a job as Ewan did in the prequels, Sir Alec is the definitive Obi-Wan, even if he had his misgivings about the ensuing fandom that sprung up as a result of Star Wars.

Sir Alec has always been one of my favorite actors. He did a near perfect Hitler in the made for TV film 'Hitler:The Last Ten Days." I even read someplace that he considered the Hitler role to be his favorite of his own performances. He also did a turn as Jacob Marley in "A Christmas Carol" and, of course, his acclaimed appearance in "Bridge On The River Kwai."

Sometimes I try to imagine what the prequels would've been like if they could've somehow cloned a young Alec for the role. THAT would've been sweet methinks. It almost would've redeemed George for the whole Jar-Jar debacle...almost.

It's late. I collapse now...*thud*

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Pat Pakula said...

top notch! great job dood