Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Disorderly Days

...and yes, the title of this post is a reference/homage to the Fat Boys movie. So sue me... (not really!)

More auto-bio cartoons, these two depicting my time as an ER orderly right after high school.

At one point, I was charged with taking the amputated foot of a patient down to the morgue. Having little practical experience in dismembered limb transport and disposal, I proceeded to immediately take said foot out of the ER and down the hall towards the elevator, in full view of anyone with a casual glance. While it was wrapped up heavily in teal bandages, it still retained the distinct shape of a foot, which is probably why my supervisor was so quickly able to pull me aside and insist that I simply place the foot onto a cart and cover it up with a towel.

Learn from my folly dear friends, so that the next time you have to carry a chopped off arm or leg around in public, you'll know what to do.
One of my weekly duties was the dumping of the excess fluids that came from a patient's body during surgery. They let them fill up in a large glass jug, which needed dumping into a drain when full. Where it went from there, I'm gratefully oblivious. Anything from knee fluids to God-only-knows-and-I-don't-wish-to-ponder went into this thing. Hence the reason I'm crunching my face as I dump the jug. Just trying not to die of some disease, no biggie. Can't remember if I ever wore a face mask, or if they just didn't give me one...

Monday, June 11, 2007

Shop Class Memories

This sketch depicts the high point during the one and only time I ever set foot in shop class in college.

The incident illustrated thus went along the lines of 'Hmmm, still can't figure out why this acetylene torch won't come on. I mean I'm turning the knobs and everything and...hey wonder what that hissing noise means?', which was followed by said torch promptly bursting into flames, along with my thankfully gloved hand.

I therefore proceeded to wave my fiery piece of metal in the general direction of the teacher, who was chatting with another student and seemed either unaware or unconcerned with my plight. Can't remember how, but the flame was eventually extinguished with the help of another student.

Never set foot in shop class again. Took an F for it, but I firmly believe that not being all burnt to a crisp was more helpful to me post-college than mad welding skills.

Tina Sketches

A sampling of the sketches I've been doing. Trying to squeeze in more sketchbook time lately. I think I'm getting better and more confident in drawing the main characters quick and easy, but still having them looking like I want. Yay me!

Most of these are of Tina, but I also threw in one of the scrawny sidekick I'm tentatively naming Opie. Don't ask me why Tina's sporting a bat. It just happened, okay?! ^^ But it does give me ideas for how she interacts with Chester, the still-not-quite-fully-designed-cat-mascot. Yes, she's going to have a bit of a creepy streak hidden underneath that wholesome G-Rated appearance...:D

Will post more as time permits. Hope to have some more of the other characters up. Eventually, some will be used in the character profiles pages.