Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Disorderly Days

...and yes, the title of this post is a reference/homage to the Fat Boys movie. So sue me... (not really!)

More auto-bio cartoons, these two depicting my time as an ER orderly right after high school.

At one point, I was charged with taking the amputated foot of a patient down to the morgue. Having little practical experience in dismembered limb transport and disposal, I proceeded to immediately take said foot out of the ER and down the hall towards the elevator, in full view of anyone with a casual glance. While it was wrapped up heavily in teal bandages, it still retained the distinct shape of a foot, which is probably why my supervisor was so quickly able to pull me aside and insist that I simply place the foot onto a cart and cover it up with a towel.

Learn from my folly dear friends, so that the next time you have to carry a chopped off arm or leg around in public, you'll know what to do.
One of my weekly duties was the dumping of the excess fluids that came from a patient's body during surgery. They let them fill up in a large glass jug, which needed dumping into a drain when full. Where it went from there, I'm gratefully oblivious. Anything from knee fluids to God-only-knows-and-I-don't-wish-to-ponder went into this thing. Hence the reason I'm crunching my face as I dump the jug. Just trying not to die of some disease, no biggie. Can't remember if I ever wore a face mask, or if they just didn't give me one...

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