Monday, June 11, 2007

Shop Class Memories

This sketch depicts the high point during the one and only time I ever set foot in shop class in college.

The incident illustrated thus went along the lines of 'Hmmm, still can't figure out why this acetylene torch won't come on. I mean I'm turning the knobs and everything and...hey wonder what that hissing noise means?', which was followed by said torch promptly bursting into flames, along with my thankfully gloved hand.

I therefore proceeded to wave my fiery piece of metal in the general direction of the teacher, who was chatting with another student and seemed either unaware or unconcerned with my plight. Can't remember how, but the flame was eventually extinguished with the help of another student.

Never set foot in shop class again. Took an F for it, but I firmly believe that not being all burnt to a crisp was more helpful to me post-college than mad welding skills.

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