Thursday, July 31, 2008

Meet Winston...

He's Vera's new magical animal guide. Acquired from a Sharper Image store in the mall, he's the best Hermod could come up with on short notice, plus he had a discount card.

Right now, he's helping Vera survive in the forest by procuring food for her. (Hey, he's trying!)

Winston's primary job is reconnaissance, stealthfully checking out enemy positions from above with his highly attuned optic sensor eye thingies. Unfortunately, he's a wind-up model and his spring does tend to give out at the worst possible times.

He has other abilities, but I'll elaborate more on the RP thread later. As of now, it's 1:58 am and my creative ideas are getting a bit too random, even for me.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

...and there!

Really like how these came out! Quick, easy and looking pretty darn slick IMHO.

Who are they? What's their story? Let's just say they're related, know each other very well, but have never met face to face. May reveal more to those who don't already know in future postings.

Beginning to think more and more that Flash is the best thing I've used yet for doing a cell-shaded look. Works great with either a Wacom or Cintiq and you don't end up tempted to play around with a lot of filters and effects. You just draw (and finish) the thing! I just might end up doing my comic this way, if I can get around my latest bout of writer's block...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Holy crap, it's hot!

AC is out again. Seems to be a karmic cycle for me. Every summer, no matter where I'm staying, an AC unit that I depend on for my very sanity either at work or home is destined to break down, and as always, it does so at the hottest time of the year. Got the fan blowing and the windows open, but I'm sweating off pounds just sitting here. Yucky, I know...

Anyhoo, enough of that....ARTWORK!!!!

New character(s) for a new RP thread! Well, more like an RP thread reboot, but still! Will tidy up and render, of course.

I'm very excited about developing this new storyline. I've learned a lot from the mistakes I made on the previous thread and now I think it's going to pay off.