Thursday, July 31, 2008

Meet Winston...

He's Vera's new magical animal guide. Acquired from a Sharper Image store in the mall, he's the best Hermod could come up with on short notice, plus he had a discount card.

Right now, he's helping Vera survive in the forest by procuring food for her. (Hey, he's trying!)

Winston's primary job is reconnaissance, stealthfully checking out enemy positions from above with his highly attuned optic sensor eye thingies. Unfortunately, he's a wind-up model and his spring does tend to give out at the worst possible times.

He has other abilities, but I'll elaborate more on the RP thread later. As of now, it's 1:58 am and my creative ideas are getting a bit too random, even for me.

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Jeremy said...


Can I pay you to do a James/Jennifer drawing?