Monday, August 25, 2008


More characters for my RP thread that I 'borrowed' from other, better works. Kovacs should be obvious to anyone who reads comics and/or keeps track of trailers for certain anticipated film adaption of a particular comic. Ethan is Samantha's younger brother, who's teamed up with Kovacs who, in my RP, has his own reasons for hunting Sam.

In the RP, Kovacs does NOT don his familiar 'face' nor does he go by his hero name. I wanted someone rugged and fit, and the unmasked Kovacs seemed to fit the bill. I also used Hugh Laurie from House as another model and merged the two of them. Thanks goes out to Kittyhawk of SGVY for suggesting him!

Playing around with expressions and how to draw her head from different angles. Her hair was tricky to get to work, but I hope I came up with something that's distinctive and easy to make.

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shroudling_x said...

Heh...Kovacs, awesome dude. Kovacs kicked butt in the game. As you know, I love your slanted portrayal of him.

Like with jane, you really do the character justice. And I've gotta say, I'm glad to now have an idea what Ethan looks like.