Thursday, July 24, 2008

...and there!

Really like how these came out! Quick, easy and looking pretty darn slick IMHO.

Who are they? What's their story? Let's just say they're related, know each other very well, but have never met face to face. May reveal more to those who don't already know in future postings.

Beginning to think more and more that Flash is the best thing I've used yet for doing a cell-shaded look. Works great with either a Wacom or Cintiq and you don't end up tempted to play around with a lot of filters and effects. You just draw (and finish) the thing! I just might end up doing my comic this way, if I can get around my latest bout of writer's block...

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Brother Bob said...

(this is Darth on my dad's username) I like how you turned Tommy Lee Jones into Emma Peel. Mentioned it to you already, but wanted to add an 'official' post of it on your blog