Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Changing of the Reel

Though it pains me to do so, the time has at last come to retire my college era demo reel. Yay, though it hath served me well (eventually landing me my first professional animation gig), alas time has only made me see how much I didn't know back then. The guy in the orange Barney suit just moves all over the place instead of gesturing with anything resembling intelligible intent (though I guess it works for that particular character :P) The little puppet bit near the end of Dementia is still one of my favorite moments. The rest is either non-character work or stuff I could never get rendered, due to end-of-semester deadlines and (at the time) skill level restrictions.

But fear not! A new reel consisting of actual 'professionally made' material has been procured for your amusement.

This is but an early draft consisting of the best clips I currently have handy. As new stuff becomes available, I'll be tossing it in with the rest.

This will also serve as the vanguard for the newly redesigned piercedbrains.com site, which is also in desperate need of a make-over. Been training myself in Flash secretly, at night. (crap, shouldn't have posted that, ahh well...)

Won't be making anything too Flash-y (groan), but it'll hopefully be enough to allow me some control over the design of the key elements. I know I could go the easy route and just throw in some Google/Flickr plug-ins, but I guess I have a thing about sending the link to my supposedly professional site to a potential employer and having it just be a link to a Flickr page or be it's own page but have 'powered by Google' watermarks all over everything. Just call me Mr. Control Freak...

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