Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Wrath of Kate

Two posts in one month?! Whoa! *dodges snowballs tossed by Satan, made possible due an abundance of snow in his unholy neck of the woods*

Been awhile since I posted actual art up here, so now I got my yearly quota out of the way. :P This sketch features the return of Kate, who was last seen in an earlier post and is a character in an RPG thread I occasionally post in. Not to put words in her mouth or to dictate to the audience what she's actually saying, but she's obviously a little peeved...

"Why yes, I'm well aware that some of the other girls are a bit jealous of me. It's NOT what I had in mind this year..."

Maybe I'll explain further at some future point. On the drawing side of it, I got to play with the Cintiq on this one. Flash and Cintiq seem to go real well together for me. There are a few annoyances, but nothing to make me turn to Illustrator *shudders*. Also, I've been practicing on drawing hands lately and I'm just starting to feel a teeny bit more comfortable with getting all the fingers into an expressive, natural position. Still need reference to pull them off, probably always will.

1 comment:

Raptor3k said...

Part of me says....Yes, very nicely done. The hands do look very good.

Other part of me says... YOU LUCKY SOB AND YOUR CINTIQ!